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Song of the Stars-Part II

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                  PART II

The children began to mass around the tipi as soon as they had eaten their evening meal and washed themselves. There was nearly ten tens of children waiting for Star Singer, whispering amongst themselves and giggling in their blankets.

It was extremely rare for a woman to be given a totem spirit as powerful as Star Singer’s, but it had to be Brother Eagle, for he was the one who carried people to the Stars when they died. Yet, her spirit guide was a gentle doe, with liquid dark eyes, and graceful motions.

Many winters, as Star Singer and Winter Moon squabbled happily; Winter Moon would mutter mock-angrily, “Woman!! I am not prey, nor an enemy, save Brother Eagle for those, and let the doe come and be with me.”

She would return in kind, “Man!!! If you wish it that way, then silence your Badger totem, and let me enjoy the company of your Swan spirit guide.”

They would laugh, embrace and then return to what they were discussing in greater harmony. Normally, such an unusual arrangement, four people, all unrelated and unwed in the same lodge was not done. But, the arrangement worked so well, in many ways for these four, that it was accepted fully.

Star Singer came slowly from her tipi, carrying two buffalo hides stitched together and stuffed with fur, and a blanket that was soft and almost furred by age and washing. Her dress, legging and moccasins were beaded in blue and white, with the constellation of Star Woman prominently displayed.

The children shouted joyous and loving welcomes to Star Singer, she was know throughout The People for her generosity, kindness, and gentleness with children. There was not a child in The People that had not sought the comfort of Star Singer’s lap when they frightened or hurt.

Star Singer smiled, two crooked teeth were all she had left in her mouth, and they were worn small. She waggled her tongue at the children between the teeth, and her face crinkled with delight when the children laughed at her antics.

“I suppose all of you wish to hear the Star Woman Song?” Star Singer knew what the answer would be before she asked.

“YES!!!” Many voices shouted this gleefully. The Tradition of Singing of Star Woman first had begun when these childrens’ grandparents were sitting at Star Singer’s fire, hearing the Songs. Over ten Summer Gatherings it was always Star Woman Song that was requested first. What had begun as chance was now Tradition, and a comforting Tradition at that.

Star Singer settled on her buffalo hide cushion and wrapped frail-seeming shoulders in her blanket. The children moved as close as possible, everyone was surrounded by a glow of warmth and anticipation.

         “It was in the winters
          Before The People
          Came into being
          That Star Woman Came.
          She saw Mother Earth
          And thought her lonely.

          All praise Star Woman.

          Star Woman spoke to
          The Great Sprit of this.
          He agreed, Mother Earth
          Needed children to love.
          Together Great Spirit
          And Star Woman
          Fashioned The People.

          Brother to the wild things.

          From the dust of the Stars
          From the Oceans made them.
          Gave them life with
          A warm breath from
          White Tatanka’s mouth.

          Awaken, Great Spirit’s children.

          Blessed them with
          Plenty, and faith.
          Set them in a good land.
          Made us caretakers
          Of our Mother Earth.

          Walk softly on our Mother.

          Great Spirit spoke to them,
          ‘Care well for your Mother,
          Love her, keep her happy.’
          I will watch over you,
          And shine upon you.

          Great Sprit’s first promise.

          In times of great trouble,
          I will return to you,
          And never abandon you.
          You are my children,
          Born of the dust of the stars
          And the tears of Mother Earth.

          Heed Great Spirit’s words.”

As Star Singer sang she pointed to the heavens, blanketed with innumerable stars and worlds. Often, she would draw in the soft dirt; figures of Star Woman, Mother Earth and Great Spirit, then draw the stars that were Star Woman.


Written by gwenguin1

September 8, 2006 at 9:17 am

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  1. you bring this alive and I see such pictures!. Thank you


    September 8, 2006 at 5:09 pm

  2. Two beautiful posts – this is Gwen, isn’t it?


    September 9, 2006 at 3:05 am

  3. Yes, Gail, it is the Professional Crazy Lady, and fellow ariste, Gwen!! LOL


    September 11, 2006 at 10:03 am

  4. I knew it! You are unique, Gwenguin.


    September 12, 2006 at 11:31 am

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