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Precious Fragments

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Ancient Fragments

Orlando Non Furioso was pleased to see his old friend, the distinguished Viscount Armstrong Dumaurier call in to the studio, on his way to the docks at Southampton.  “Got another assignment, my friend?” he asked the man, who was dressed in a rich dark cloak, new boots, ruffled neck shirt and fine silk cravat.  His own hands were covered in earthy clay, working as he was at digging underground and making pots at his ancient wheel.  “Certainly, tutoring a young woman on a Grand Tour to Rome and thereabouts,” he answered, the jewels on his ringed fingers glinting in the shadows of the pale afternoon sun.

“Take these with you, as a guide,” said Orlando, giving the Viscount two fragments he had found that morning under the earth.  A piece of marble and a sliver of oriental china.  The Viscount looked intrigued as he turned them over in his fine hands, even a little puzzled.

“You will know what they mean.  Think of them as clues, you know, like a treasure map in a way, to an ancient history,” said Orlando, and then busying himself at the wheel again, splashing water over the drying clay.

The Viscount tipped his fine hat at him and smiled as he left for the docks.

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December 16, 2006 at 12:04 pm