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Tholos Forgiveness

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The sounds of bubbling water enhanced her awareness.  She felt serene in all aspects of herself.  This is a good space in which to live, where one is totally at peace.  And what a wonderful place in which to die—in a hammock in water—not drowning, but just floating in water in the ocean or a lake or, even a pool such as this.  She lay still, attempting to remember her dream, or was it an experience?  So wonderful, but what was wonderful?  Oh, yes.  I was told to prepare to leave at any moment.  Made total sense at the time, but what did it really mean?  That I’ll die so I need to be unattached to the world and centered, or a crisis is coming and so I’ll need to be prepared to leave the house?  The water sounds so happy…bubbling and frolicking in the pool.  Does the water carry the fumes of the oracle to me?


I remember reading in the American Book of Dying: Lesson in Healing Spiritual Pain where the authors Gross and Klauser talked of a medieval l’Hotel-Dieu–God’s Hotel–in Burgundy, France.  In the 15th century A.D., this hospice served the social outcasts and was built over a river with a glass floor underneath the beds of the patients.  This way they could hear the soothing sounds of the moving water, as I am now.   I can tell this must be a special place, because I’m not aching from lying on the mossy ground.  This hospice had clean linens, also, almost unheard of in that time, even for the wealthy. 


Now I remember, another dream or experience, where someone in high authority asked if I wanted to go back and redo or eliminate some difficult times in my past. My parents were there, too, even though both are deceased for many years.  No, I said to all of them.  I wouldn’t change anything, as difficult as some things were at the time.  For then I wouldn’t be who I am today.  I wouldn’t have grown into the life I have, but still be stuck in the mundane, never having to be forced to have the opportunity to forgive both myself and another I deeply trusted, never having understood the great gift it is to be placed in a situation where one had to learn to forgive a deep wound.


The deeper the bond of trust with the person,

 the deeper the hurt and wounding,

the harder it is  to forgive,

 the more precious the gift of forgiveness

for oneself and for the other.


 May all  people who have been so hurt

 come to this gift of forgiveness

in the time that is right for them.




Written by thalia

July 18, 2008 at 10:49 pm

Dream Seed Enchanteur

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Dream Seed Enchanteur

The Villa of Dreams is sometimes visited by Dream Seed Enchanteur from the Mouseion…

(copyright Heather Blakey 2007.)

Written by imogen88

July 29, 2007 at 5:06 am

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In Defence of Dreams

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What, if any, is the connection between the Book of Dreams and the Book of Life? Are hopes and aspirations real in the sense that they are like energy waves that can travel along some metaphysical pathway from my mind (or is it my heart that they come from?) to be felt at some unknown level in the universe and there to be transformed into new energy which finds its way back home along the previously travelled path? Is this what the metaphor ‘bringing the soul back home’ means? Is it really that the journey out and the journey back are roads going nowhere, just spiralling staircases that sometimes I climb up or slip down? Is this all there is to it? Is this it?

But I want my dreams. And I want to write them down in the Book of Dreams. So it is that I announce loudly like the crier standing in the middle of the city square, that I choose to believe that what I dream of shapes the road I walk on. It is my dream that plants this tree here and that flower there. My dreams don‘t make them grow, they have no power over life and death. These are forces that have the power to destroy my dreams and make me question their validity. But still it remains that it is my desire to dream them into existence that might drop the seed in that exact place. After that I must needs wait and see if there will be anything to be seen.

And what is my dream? I want to be good, pure of heart, and strong and courageous enough to have faith and hope that my dreams will come true, even if it seems as if the whole world conspires to make it not so. I don’t know if there is a God or Goddess, but I hope that God knows I’m good.

Written by Edith

August 19, 2006 at 5:48 pm

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Book of Dreams

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At the Villa of Dreams there is a book of dreams that you can record your hopes and dreams in. Be assured that writing in this book can be transformational so be careful what you ask for.

Written by Heather Blakey

August 18, 2006 at 1:30 am

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Exploring – Villa of Dreams

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On the first day of arriving, Imogen Crest came across a place off the main piazza called mysteriously “Villa of Dreams”.  To her surprise, nobody lived there, but many roamed around in different rooms of their own making.  The Villa changed colours with the thoughts of the people, and became whatever they chose it to be.  It was so mysterious and enchanting, she decided to send a postcard back to the Lemurian Hermitage, to show what she had found in the magical city of Cyberia.

(copyright Imogen Crest 2006.)

Written by imogen88

August 14, 2006 at 7:50 am