Lemurian City of Ladies

A Lemurian City Built in Memory of Christine de Pizan

Keeping Soul Food Free


le Enchanteur spreading her dream seeds
by Heather Blakey

The Soul Food Cafe, its portal to Lemuria and the Soul Food Silk Road is not just cheap! It is FREE. Soul Food welcomes all genuine writers and artists and provides a safe haven in an otherwise turbulent world.

Soul Food continues to cost Heather Blakey. It does not turn a profit. To help Soul Food pay its way in the world, to ensure that the site remains online, available to all who need a sanctuary, there are a number of things you can do.

Exclusive Soul Food Products

Monika Roleff has worked hard to establish a shop at Soul Food that provides talismans for those on the journey. Please help us by purchasing small gifts and talismans from this wonderful shop.

Make a Donation

Since it began in 1999, The Soul Food Cafè has been run and financed by Heather Blakey. Thousands of hours of work have gone into the construction of this site.

The work of Heather Blakey with individuals and the material on the site has made a difference to the creative lives of many people. If Soul Food has made a difference to your creative life, or you would like to support the work done here, you are encouraged to donate (any amount – even $1!) to help keep the site and online courses running free. As a Soul Food Cafe Benefactor, your name and a link will be on the site.


le Enchanteur guiding a pilgrim to the Cave of the Enchantress
by Heather Blakey


Provide Bricks for the Lemurian Abbey and Cyberia

One of the main sources of revenue for monasteries throughout the medieval period were pilgrims. Pilgrims could be induced to come to a monastic house by a number of means, the most common being a religious relic owned by the abbey. Such a relic might be a saint’s bone, the blood of Christ, a fragment of the cross, or other similar religious artefact. The tomb of a particularly saintly person could also become a target for pilgrimages.

Pilgrims could generally be induced to buy an isignia which proved they had visited a particular shrine. Some popular pilgrimage centres built hotels to lodge pilgrims. The George Inn in Glastonbury is one such hotel, built to take the large number of pilgrims flocking to Glastonbury Abbey.

Time constraints may mean that you cannot make art your daily practice but you may have time to make the pilgrimage to the City of Ladies

You can help build Cyberia by making a donation.

Send an Amazon gift certificate to heatherblakey at dailywriting.net


Offer your services.

Another way that you can help keep Soul Food free is to offer your services and help keep the site running smoothly. Kris-Cuore di Luna, for example, moderates the Soul Food Cafe and Lemurian Residents group and provides support to help new comers settle into the network while Monika Roleff has spent hours setting up the Soul Food Hermitage store.

One of the joys of Soul Food is that I only need to mail out a request and help is almost instantaneous. We often say that with people spread all over the globe someone has a candle lit at any moment of the day – someone is on the watch tower keeping a vigilant eye over the realm.

Find your niche and you will be helping to keep the place going.

Sincere thanks to all who support Soul Food
Heather Blakey
Creator and Webmaster.

Written by Heather Blakey

August 11, 2006 at 1:11 am

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