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A Lemurian City Built in Memory of Christine de Pizan

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In the Beggar’s Quarter with the Were-Pen

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            “So, where are you taking me now?”

            “Just around the corner, 2 blocks from nowhere,” said the were-pen, using her annoying little sing-song voice, because she knew I despised it.

            “How about a hint? North, south, east, or west?”

            “East of the sun, west of the moon, north of the stars, south of the lagoon” she sang.  She thought she was so clever when she rhymed.

            I did not like the look of this neighborhood.  Cracked and crumbling pavement, run-down buildings, vacant lots littered with old boxes and broken glass.  Even the little bit of light trying to shine down looked tired.  One little girl stomped in the puddles.  You could hear the screech of trucks and buses braking and somewhere a radio was bleating bass thumps.

            “I don’t like this place,” I said.

            “Then you shouldn’t have created it,” said the were-pen rather smugly.

            “I created it? What are you talking about?  I did not make this ugly place.”

            “Yes, you did.  Remember, there’s that beggar’s quarter in the city you and the Lemurian ladies are walking through?  Not far from the catacombs?  You were supposed to write about it, so here it is.  You brought it into being.  Your imagination, your description, it all came from your head.”

            “But it’s so dirty, and creepy.”

            “You are what you think,” the were pen said primly.  “What’s that Anne Lamott quote you like so much? ‘My mind is a bad neighborhood – I shouldn’t go there alone.’  Well, here we are.”

            I had to admit that often my mind wandered, and sometimes it went down trails of thought that were questionable.  I guess in Lemuria, the lines between reality and fantasy got extra blurry.  The vertigo made me nauseous.  I needed a cup of tea or something.

“Were-pen?  I’m hungry.  You think maybe you could lead me someplace where we could get a bite to eat?  And a cup of tea?  I could really use a cuppa.”

“As you wish, so shall it be,” said the were-pen.

“If only,” I mumbled.


“I didn’t say anything….”

Written by kvwordsmith

June 26, 2008 at 7:08 pm