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Seeding a Wild Garden

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Seeds to plant a Wild Garden
Heather Blakey – April 2008

Aristotle expounded the theory that there were three different types of soul: the nutritive, the sensitive and the rational. He argued that all living things require nourishment, so that nutritive function belongs to plants, animals and men alike. He said that animals and men have both nutritive and sensitive functions and that men alone possess the rational function. The relation between body and soul is that between matter and form. Things become what they are because of their potentialities. To say, for instance, that an acorn is potentially an oak means that, given the right setting an acorn could grow to an oak. What the acorn carries within itself is the ‘form’ of the oak. In the case of a human it is the soul that makes them what they are.

Things become what they are because of their potentialities! If an acorn, given the right setting, has the potential to grow in to a mighty oak tree, what is man’ potential? Presumably, to grow in to an oak, to reach its potential, the acorn needs nourishment. It follows therefore that to reach his potential man needs nourishment. In his diagrammatic hierarchy of needs Maslow points to nutritive needs when he refers to mans need to have basic physiological needs met. Maslow argues that man needs to satisfy hunger, thirst, sex drives, safety needs, belongingness , love and esteem needs before he can fulfill his potential. Once these are met it would appear anything would be possible.

So if we take these seeds and plant them in rich Lemurian soil what will emerge? What potential are they destined to meet? What form will the Wild Lemurian Garden take? What is possible?

Written by Heather Blakey

April 2, 2008 at 12:05 pm